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Our Little Place in CyberSpace
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Being a family in the age of the Internet we wanted to use the vast network of bits and bytes to help keep us all closer.

Adventures take us all to different parts of the globe so we wanted to put up a little website to let you peek in and see the three boys as they discover the universe.

This site will never be finished but an ongoing work. Please come back often. If you have a favorite picture we don't have please email it and we will post it.

Please check out the "OUR PHOTOS" and "OUR VIDEO", it is chalked full of images new and old. You might surprised what you will find.

Our Photo Gallery
Off to Florida
With the new Disney characters, thanks to VE Networks, we set out for Florida for a family adventure.
Young Jedi Alex
The Force is strong with him. All three boys are picking up on their fathers Star Wars addiction.

18 March, 2006
New Web Site

Take a surf of the new family website. This format will make it much easier to add content pictures and information.

15 March, 2006
Back from Florida

What a trip. Nice to get away and spend some time together. The Disney parks were awesome.  Orange picking was really fun as well.

05 March, 2006
Jacob Turns 5!

Wow, 5 years already. We were all in Florida for Jacob's Birthday.
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